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NOTICE: In March 2010, the Greater New Orleans Traffic Safety Committee merged with the GNO Traffic Safe Community Coalition. Meetings will be held at 11:30 am - 1:00 pm on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Regional Transportation Management Center, #10 Veterans Blvd., New Orleans, LA. RSVP required for lunch.

Originally known as the Who Dat Safe Community Coalition, now called the New Orleans Regional Traffic Safety Coalition, has developed an action plan to reduce fatalities and injuries on Louisiana roadways, in accordance with the Strategic Highway Safety Plan. The coalition focuses on the following in the Parishes of Orleans, Jefferson, St. Bernard, Plaquemines, St. Charles and St. John:                     

     -Reducing Impaired Driving    
     -Increasing Safety Belt Use
     -Reducing Teen Driver Crashes
     -Infrastructure Improvements

The activities of the NORTSC are funded by a grant from the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission.

All interested parties are invited to attend. Please contact us at 504-888-7618.
Monthly meeting: third Wednesday of each month.  See calendar for future dates and speakers.

Click here for blank Agency Report (PDF) or click here  for blank Agency Report (DOC). Agency reports will be included with the minutes.

Minutes from past meetings:








03/23/2010 Who Dat Safe Community Coalition agrees to combine with GNO Traffic

03/17/2010 GNO Traffic Committee agrees to combine with Who Dat Safe Community

01/27/2010 Who Dat Safe Community Coalition









There was no meeting in 12/2008






Due to Thanksgiving, there was no meeting in 11/2007









There was no meeting in February due to Mardi Gras.








The goal of the coalition is to reduce traffic related crashes, injuries, and fatalities through education and improvements in traffic safety, engineering, design, and law enforcement in the region. 

Each participating agency commits to focusing on reducing fatalities, injuries and property damage in the following areas:  roadway departures, intersections, work-zones, highway rail crossings, pedestrian involvement, impaired driving, non-use of safety restraints, following too closely and speed limit violations.  Over the years, this committee has recommended and supported legislation and other official actions to improve traffic safety in Southeast Louisiana.

All agencies pledge to work together in a systematic approach to make Louisiana's communities safer by incorporating the three E's of traffic safety: 

  • Engineering
  • Enforcement
  • Education

Members of the committee include representatives from area law enforcement, traffic courts, public works and traffic engineers, traffic consultants, coroner's offices, public advocacy groups, American Automobile Association and other concerned citizens and public officials.  Through regular monthly meetings, the group discusses current traffic related problems and disseminates traffic safety information.

The committee holds monthly luncheon meetings at 11:30 AM on the third Wednesday of the month. See Calendar for dates.  The meetings are hosted by the local chapter of the National Safety Council located at a place to be announced.  Reservations to attend may be made by calling  (504) 888-7618, fax (504) 888-7612 or email to

Types of Organizations represented:

  • Departments of Public Works and Traffic Engineering 
  • Engineering  and consulting firms
  • Insurance companies 
  • Government agencies, including DOTD and FHA
  • Law enforcement, including Louisiana State Police
  • Louisiana Highway Safety Commission
  • Public safety advocacy organizations 
  • Regional Planning Commission
  • Traffic courts
  • Construction companies
  • Military
  • Defensive driving instructors
  • Emergency management and planning
  • Public health agencies
  • Criminal Sheriff's Office
  • Operation Lifesavers
  • National Safety Council, South Louisiana Chapter
  • Hospitals / Emergency Medical Services
  • Schools
  • Media

Summary of activities supported by the GNO Traffic Safety Committee:

  • All-weather motor vehicle inspection station
  • The separate Traffic Court of New Orleans
  • License deposit law (providing use of a valid driver's licenses as bond in certain traffic violation cases)
  • Mandatory attendance in driver improvement courses for rehabilitation of problem drivers
  • State-wide pre-licensing course for first time driverís license applicants
  • Ban on street solicitation on public streets
  • Keg registration
  • Lowering the blood alcohol content to .08 for those over 21
  • Louisiana child passenger seat improvements 

Summary of some areas the committee supports to further improve public safety:

  • Improved street lighting
  • More efficient roadway signaling systems
  • Highway emergency call boxes
  • Zero tolerance for those under 21
  • Zero tolerance for CDL professional drivers
  • State-wide ban on open containers of alcoholic beverages in motor vehicles
  • Traffic and incident planning for special or emergency events, such as festivals and potential hurricanes
  • Emergency and towing contact lists
  • Motorist Assistance Programs (MAP) on major corridors
  • Enhanced interagency communication systems and electronic sharing of data/video
  • Examination of ways to improve traveler information
  • Examination of means to disseminate traffic information to the public

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